Az Dair-e-MughaN Ayam

SINGER: Munshi Raziuddin

POET: Allam Iqbal

مست گشتم از دو چشم ساقی پیمانہ نوش

الفراق اے ننگ ناموس، الوداع اے عقل ہوش

نیاز بریلوی -

I became intoxicated by drinking the wine from Saqi’s (cupbearer’s) eyes

Goodbye sanctity and honour, goodbye intellect and senses

- Niaz Barelvi

از دیر مغان آیم بے گردش صہبا مست

در منزل لا بودم از بادہ الا مست

I come from the temple of Magians, intoxicated without drinking any wine

In the state of ‘la’, I am inebriated with the wine of ‘illa’

عاشق نشدی جلوہ جانان کہ شناسی؟

تا سر نہ دھی ھمت مردان کہ شناسی؟

سوداگر -

Until you’ve loved, how will you understand the glory of the Beloved?

Until you’ve given your life, how will you understand manly courage?

- Saudagar

دانم کہ نگاہ او ضرف ہمہ کس بيند

کرداست مرا ساقی از عشوہ و ايما مست

I know his eyes perceive the capacity of every person

Saqi has made me ecstatic by his blandishment and beckoning

وقت است کہ بگشايم ميخانہ رومی باز

پيران حرم ديدم در صحن کليسا مست

It is time to open the tavern of Rumi again

I have seen the custodians of Haram intoxicated in the churchyard

اين کار حکيمی نيست دامان کليمی گير

صد بندہ ساحل مست يک بندہ دريا مست

This work isn’t for a philosopher, so hold onto he (Moses) who conversed with God

A hundred intoxicated people on the shore are no match for one intoxicated inside the river

از حرف دل آويزش اسرار حرم پيدا

دی کفر کے ديدم در وادی بطحا مست

From his delightful words, the secrets of the Haram shine out

I saw an infidel yesterday, intoxicated in the valley of Bat’ha

سينا است کہ فاران است؟ يا رب چہ مقام است ايں؟

ہر زرہ خاک من چشمی است تماشا مست

Is this Sinai or Faran? O God, what place is this?

Each particle of my dust is an eye lost in the spectacle

نہ من تنھا دريں ميخانہ مستم

جنيد و شبلی و عطار شد مستم

رومی -

I’m not intoxicated alone in this tavern

Junaid, Shibli and Attar are intoxicated too

- Rumi


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